Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Computers-Friendly Tips For Student Going Abroad

This articles would like to provide you with few insights on technical or should we say IT-related preparation for those who would like to pursue their studies overseas this month and mostly next month. But let we congratulate you for your success!

Computer / Laptop

Tips: If you already have a laptop, you can either keep it or buy a new one. But usually, laptop in Jordan are highly expensive :) Oh, and if there is a problem with it is kinda hard to fix it. If you own a desktop, we suggest that you don’t bring it. It will cause major damage when it comes to Arabic people handling your luggage.

Computer Accessories

Please find below list some useful stuff if you wish to buy from Malaysia, the rest you can get it overseas:

USB Stick / Thumbdrive
Portable Hard Disk
USB Cable / Network Cable
Webcam (if you laptop don’t have one)
Headphone + Microphone (very important to call home from your laptop)

Tips: Most of the time, the computer accessories overseas are quite expensive.


This might be the scary part of it but we reckon you’d be fine. There are cases two years ago that the immigration of some countries would open the laptop and look for pirated software packages also operating system especially Windows. They will get rid of it on the spot. But personally, you should be fine.

Tips: Get an original copy of OS (Windows) from Malaysia. Here’s how to know if you have the original copy of Windows on your computer or laptop:

For a laptop, if you look beneath your laptop, there should be a sticker of Certificate of Authenticity.

Another tips: If you wish to reformat your PC, you can use the Product Key as your Windows Software key.

We also recommend you to buy Anti-Virus because it is also much more cheaper in Malaysia. So, in a nutshell (lol), below are the software checklist:

Do you have the original copy of Windows?
Anti Virus?
Your own laptop CD driver
Microsoft Office? For alternative, you can download Open Office (for free)

Oh, and not forgetting about calling home!

If you wish to call home, there are number of ways. And tell your family this: Calling from overseas to Malaysia is much more cheaper!

This will be divided into two: - either you have the internet at home or not.

Family that have the Internet at home

Tips: Get a Yahoo Messenger or Skype account. You can talk for free using it! Plus, the reason why we ask you to get a web cam is that you can have a video conference with your family thousand miles away! Try it, they’ll love it!

Family that don’t have the Internet at home

Tips: Some rural area don’t have the Internet at home. So, what we did is that we call using Low Rate Voip account to his family. This will cost you a bit but not that much, like 3 cent per minute. Oh, and there is one more. Calling card! You can get a calling card to call Malaysia for much cheaper price using your phone abroad. It is good and clear! So, if you already started to feel homesick, don’t!

Now we have provide you with few tips and we hope you will find it useful. Should would like to add or ask anything, please let us know. Feel free to ask us, alternatively, you can mail or ym at albayt_prisma (at) yahoo (dot) com if you have any specific questions. All the best and congratulations once again from us! Have a safe journey and please share this article with your friends as well!


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